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We are London’s LGBTQIA+ non-performing singing group. 

Many Voices began in 2013 as a “sing-for-fun” group for LGBTQIA+ people and their friends. Lesbian, gay, bi, trans and gender diverse, intersex, ace, queer and questioning people, and our allies, are welcome. We just sing because we like it, it makes us feel great, and we love the sense of connection and community that it brings.

We’re not a choir – we don’t perform, we don’t rehearse – so sessions are more like one-off workshops. Typically we begin with warming up our bodies and voices (nothing strenuous), and sing short rounds, call-and-response, ditties, shanties, songs from different genres, traditions and cultures. The emphasis is on enjoyment rather than perfection – though there is often a wonderful sense of awe when we’ve sung something beautiful, or of achievement when we’ve learned something more challenging!

We teach all the songs by ear, so there’s no need to be able to read music. If you like to sing in the car or the shower, or if you haven’t sung since school but would like to try, you are assured of a warm and friendly welcome. No commitment required, no auditions, no performances, no pressure!

Many Voices was founded by Gaynor and Tati, and is now managed by Marilisa, with various guest leaders.

We’re back!

After being away for more than two years, we’re finally back and can’t wait to sing with you all again! There are lots of changes behind the scenes, with a new venue, new dates (at a new day and time), and a new(ish) leader as Marilisa takes over the reins.